Psychotherapy Treatment

Therapeutic work covers areas such as:

Relationships   Anxiety & Panic
Depression Self-esteem
Confidence issues Trauma
Bereavement Personal development
Phobias Stress-management 
Life Coaching Business Coaching
Mentoring Solution-focussed therapy

Personal Background

Valerie Ritson B.A. Psych. MIAHP. MLBCI., joined Aspire Health at the beginning of 2010. 

I took my degree in Psychology at Naropa University, Boulder in Colorado, USA,  graduating  in 1999.  I have worked in Dublin since my return to Ireland. 

Before ever I decided to study psychology, I was interested in who we are and how we can live our lives in the best way possible.  The general feeling seems to be that life is just “one thing after another”, that we stumble along doing the best we can, without any real understanding of ourselves.
Thinking about this led me to make the decision to leave my corporate work and take some years out to explore matters of the mind and the ways in which it might be possible to be of assistance to people who are doing their best in times that are difficult for them.

Whilst studying at Naropa I was introduced to body-centred psychotherapy as part of my degree course.  This therapy works on the basis that the mind and the body are one – what affects one affects the other.  Not only did I study this in theory, I also got the opportunity to experience it first hand and found it invaluable in helping me to recover from a closed head injury (concussion) which occurred in my first year of college and a car accident which happened in my final year.

Following completion of my degree, I took trainings in Developmental and Trauma work at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, also in Boulder, Colorado.  When I returned to Ireland I studied Solution-focussed Therapy and Business & Life Coaching in Dublin.