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Lucia O'Byrne - Degree Acupuncture, ITEC, FETAC,
Member of AFPA

Dip. TCM Acupuncture,
Cupping Therapy

First Aid

Dip. Swedish Massage
Dip. Aromatherapy
Dip. Indian Head Massage
Dip. Reflexology
Dip. Sports Massage
Dip. Diet & Nutrition
Dip. Stress Management
Dip. Gym Instruction

Degree   TCM Acupuncture  

Personal Background
Having worked in IT for a few years I found the stress from work taking over my life with constant deadlines and pressure. Through this experience I discovered different ways of dealing with stress. I soon became fascinated in what stress was, the different problems arising from stress and how it could be managed. I then took a career break from IT and enrolled in an Holistic course covering Yoga, stress management, massage and other therapies. The more involved I became in this area the more I knew I wanted to work in this area full time. As a result I’ve spent a lot of time working in the different fields – busy holistic centers in the city centre, hospitals, addiction centers, and currently in my own clinic.

I set up my own business in Blanchardstown in October 2006. Like most things, starting anything new is a challenge. But I find this exciting and hard work. There is so much to learn in everything we do, it’s finding the equilibrium between work and personal time is that will keep us healthy in body and mind.

I like making a difference in people’s lives; a positive change to help the growth and well-being of that person. Ultimately it is up to the person involved to carry through on their own well being, but we can give the support and encouragement to help and create a vision of what it the ultimate goal will be like.

Acupuncture studies-

I completed my clinical studies for Acupuncture in Shanghai 6th People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We had to take another exam here, for our clinical work in this hospital to ensure our studies were complete. Working here was an amazing experience with countless hours of working with different complaints from Bells Palsy to Back problems. It truely gave me the ability I have today.

Acupuncture studies are never complete. I go to continous training seminars every year to update and learn new and even more effective ways of treatment. This is my passion and am so interested in this area I love to soak up new ways to treatment that can help you!

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